Title Location Year Type Client
Construction of a colective housing in TarnosTarnos, France 2020/en cours Housing Le Col
Construction of an office building on a commercial base at the ZAC Kléber in BiarritzBiarritz, France 2011/2014 Bureaux Mindurry Immobilier
Construction of a canteen and classrooms (2nd phase) on the site of the Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle school complex in Dax (40)Dax, France 2013/2017 Education OGEC Saint Jacques de Compostelle
Project management assistance for the urban development of the “Foch” square in St. Jean de Luz (64)Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France 2017/in progress Town Planning City of Saint-Jean-de-Luz
Construction of housing on the site of Jean-Jacques Bosc, in BordeauxBègles, France 2019/en cours Housing Promogim
Construction of a medical centre, laboratories and offices - Médipôle de l'Aérodrome in Dax (40)Dax, France 2017/in progress Health SCI Cendrillon
Construction of an association building in La Gargale, Boucau (64)Boucau, France 2018/in progress Equipment Ville de Boucau
Development of the Serres square with 155 residential units, an intergenerational residence and business in Billère (64)Billère, France 2015/2019 Housing Gotham
Restoration of the library of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle school complex in Dax (40)Dax, France 2013/2015 Restoration OGEC Saint Jacques de Compostelle
Master plan for the development and construction of a residence, classrooms and an auditorium on the site of the institution Saint Marthe - Saint Front in Bergerac (24)Bergerac, France 2016/2018 Education Institution Sainte Marthe – Saint Front
Construction of the association building and a car park with 80 parking spaces at the ZAC Kléber in Biarritz (64)Biarritz, France 2011/2015 Cultural Ville de Biarritz
Development of the Bovéro square in Anglet (64), which comprises the construction of 132 housing units, a student residence and shops in the ground floor.Anglet, France 2015/in progress Housing Habitat Sud Atlantic
Construction of 78 housing units - lot STM 17 - ZAC Saint Martin du Touch in Toulouse (31)Toulouse, France 2015/2019 Housing Gotham
Construction of 55 intermediate housing units on block N2 as part of the ZAC Trois Fontaines in Ondres (40)Ondres, France 2017/in progress Housing Bouygues Immobilier
Project management for the city center development in Andernos-lès-Bains (33)Andernos-les-Bains, France 2017/2018 Town Planning Commune d'Andernos les Bains
Urban project management for the creation of a residential and tourist complex with a predominant golf camp in Tosse - Landes (40)Tosse, France 2015/in progress Urban study Syndicat Mixte Landes Océanes
Creation of an artisan village in Benesse-Maremne.Benesse-Maremne Arried-Sud, France 2020/en cours Workshop of artisans Zelaia
Evian contest. Revitalisation operation of the city centre "îlot Saillet"Evian, France 2017 Contest GOTHAM
Study of urban planning, organization and plot division, block coordination and the realization of 240 housing in the plot B4 - Delbos street in the Bassins à FlotBordeaux, France 2011/2016 Dwellings Domofrance
Project management for the construction of the 110 social and free housing units + a senior residence of 60 units in ToulouseToulouse, France 2019 Contest Pichet
Development of the programme for the restoration of the Public School in the Park of Toulouzette in Saint-Sever (40)Saint-Sever, France 2018/in progress Education Saint-Sever town hall
Project management for the construction of 200 social and private housing + business premises (nusery and shops) on block CA1’ à BèglesBègles, France 2018 Contest Domofrance
Construction of the 128-unit Lafourcade housing project in Bayonne (64)Bayonne, France 2015/in progress Housing Vinci Immobilier
Construction of 43 housing units on plot J1 of the ZAC Quartier de la Mairie in Bègles (33)Bègles, France 2011/2015 Housing Vinci Immobilier
Development of Avenue Sadi Carnot, Place Saint Roch and the streets Montluc and 4 septembre in Mont de Marsan (40)Mont de Marsan, France 2014/2017 Public spaces Le Marsan Agglomération
Contest. Study for the establishment of a village by Crédit AgricoleBiarritz, France 2018 Contest Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne
Urban study for the construction of 350 social housing, private housing, commercial, office and general facilities in the area of KleberBiarritz, France 2008/En cours Town Planning Ville de Biarritz
Residence senior in Gujan-muestras of vallee d’AureGujan-Mestras-Domaine, France 2018/en cours Housing Claire de Nacre